Journey to Cure

Journey to Cure

a film about healing

Do all diseases and their subsequent cures come from within?

Whatever the causes of our diseases are or might be, our protagonist Dr. Jha is sure that true healing can only happen if we dispose of one thing: Trust in ourselves.

There are many healers who work with homeopathy, ancient Asian methods like Sujok therapy (accupressure with seeds), Ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine, energy and chakra healing, and many more, but when you put yourself in Dr. Jha’s hands, it becomes clear, there is more to it. As he advises his patients about what they can do for themselves on a deeper level, he creates an environment in which they can find the trust and healing can take place.

This might be exhausting, demanding, uncomfortable at times and possibly even include a major life change, but true healing must include a commitment which affects all elements of one’s life.

Still, wouldn’t it be great to learn how to heal ourselves?

We accompany Dr. Jha during his healing sessions in India, witness how he teaches his students and ask a lot of questions. Some of his patients we get to know closer and accompany them on their way.

The film’s approach is to show what is possible through faith. Faith in oneself.

I believe healing must always begin with ourselves.
When we as individuals are well, the collective will do well too.
Then it is possible that we as humanity can live in harmony with the world.

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German Premiere in Berlin

Dear Friends, thanks so much to everyone who joined our premiere in Berlin to make this a wonderful event! I am overwhelmed by so many beautiful

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Making Of

Almost finished

Dear friends of JOURNEY TO CURE, slowly but surely we are moving towards the completion of our documentary film. After a great sound post production in

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In 2015 I had the crazy idea to travel to India and start this documentary. Alone. By 2020 I managed to finalize three shooting periods. In those I accompanied my main protagonist, the wholistic healer Dr. Jha and a select group of his patients suffering from a wide spectrum of diseases at his clinic in Bangalore / South India.
After completing the final filming in Bangalore and Bihar, I started the post production process in Germany. Two years later JOURNEY TO CURE was completed. Thanks to everybody who supported me on this journey!



Dr. B. N. Jha and family, Shraddha Agrawal, Sumathi Kannan, Umang and Benno with family, Rishab and his family, Arunima Gupta and family, Charumathi Krishnan, Neha Agrawal, Dr. Agrawal, and many others.


Dr. B. N. Jha, Dr. Munchun Jha and family, Bernd Rillich Postproduktion, Katharina Nobis, Karine Brand, Howard Harrington, Shraddha Agrawal, FGV Schmidle Filmgeräteverleih, Till Röllinghoff, Esther Dittmann, Josie Rücker, Eric Okun, Film på Gotland.


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